Collagen pills from Skin for Skin
We all want to look as long as possible young right? Unfortunately, your natural collagen production decreases around the age of 25 and you will start to see signs of aging. Would you rather counteract this? Skin for Skin’s 100% natural collagen plus vitamin C pills help to maintain your collagen level so you look younger for longer – and feel good!

Which type of collagen is best?
There are different types of collagen used in pills, each with a different source or origin. For example, you can ‘harvest’ collagen from chicken or pork skin. Skin for Skin, however, uses collagen from the skin of fish. The collagen from fish is by far the best because it comes closest to the structure of human collagen. Also, native fish collagen is quickly absorbed into the blood through your small intestine, because of its low molecular weight. Besides the good quality of fish collagen, this is also by far the most sustainable way of harvesting collagen. Fish skins are a by-product of fishing and would otherwise disappear as waste! We consider sustainability and the environment important, and therefore pack our collagen pills in environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging. Skin for Skin is a Dutch company and processes fish from the North Sea. Native collagen is not comparable to hydrolysate. With native collagen, the protein structure has remained completely intact.

In addition to collagen, Skin for Skin pills also contain a high dose of Vitamin C: this vitamin contributes, among other things, to collagen formation. Per pill you get 20mg of Vitamin C: more than a quarter of the daily recommended amount.

Patented way of harvesting collagen
Skin for Skin uses a patented, 100% natural method to remove collagen from the skins. The special thing about this method is that it ensures that the structure of the collagen remains completely intact; and is therefore the most effective. This is called native collagen.

Product shot Skin for Skin
The ultimate combination of collagen and vitamin C, that’s Skin for Skin. A 100% natural product, with native collagen from fish caught in nature.

Collagen pills against wrinkles
You would think that for tight skin without wrinkles it is best to apply a collagen cream on your skin. Unfortunately, collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin and has to come from within!

Collagen is a body’s own protein that ensures that, among other things, hair, skin and nails remain healthy. After the age of 25, collagen production decreases by 1% each year. You will have to supplement this deficiency to ensure that your skin continues to look good. Why is this necessary? Collagen ensures that your skin remains elastic and thus produces fewer wrinkles. That’s what we all want, isn’t it? Due to the high concentration of the native collagen, taking one pill a day is enough to see quick results.

The best collagen – without aftertaste
Our collagen pills are extremely easy to use; you only need to take one every day! You do this every morning on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before breakfast. Contrary to collagen drinks for example, the collagen pills of Skin for Skin do not contain any sweeteners, flavorings, additives or other preservatives. The collagen pills are therefore very suitable for fitness fanatics and athletes who want to maintain their collagen level. Also nice; in contrast to drinks and powder, the collagen pills are easy to take with you when you are on holiday, for example. Without hassle, you can take your daily collagen intake. Did you know that our collagen pills have the enormous advantage that they are completely tasteless and have no aftertaste!

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