Why does the package contain 60 capsules?

It takes one to two months before collagen levels are increased in your body. This varies per person, but It takes one to two months before collagen levels are increased in your body. This varies per person, but the benefits are visible following one to two months of use. This is why each package is based on two months’ use.

How many capsules should I consume daily?

Only one capsule per day; consume 30 minutes before breakfast.

Can I consume multiple capsules daily?

We advise against exceeding the recommended daily intake. Limit intake to one capsule per day.

Why has vitamin C been added?

The body uses vitamin C for the absorption of collagen. With a high dose of collagen per capsule, the body does not have sufficient vitamin C to assist with absorption. This results in the likelihood that a portion of the collagen will not be absorbed. The added vitamin C ensures that the collagen is completely absorbed into the body.

I have a fish allergy; can I still use Skin for Skin?

No, the product is derived from fresh fish and can cause an allergic reaction in individuals with an allergy to fish or shellfish.

Can I stop taking Skin for Skin supplements after two months?

You can stop taking Skin for Skin supplements at any time. However, once you’ve stopped taking collagen, the collagen levels in your body will return to their original values after several weeks.

Is it worthwhile to begin with collagen supplements at an early age (20+)?

Absolutely, you will notice limited short-term effects because people in their twenties have high collagen levels. This begins to naturally deteriorate, however, early on in your twenties. For those who would like to maintain high levels of collagen for as long as possible, we advise beginning with supplements in their twenties.

The product is natural, what about the packaging?

The capsule is made from plant-based materials. The product package is made from recycled material.

Can I return the product?

Yes, if the package is unopened. For health and hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept opened packaging.

I would like to sell the product in my salon/shop, is this possible?

That is possible. Contact us via info@skinforskin.nl

How is the product shipped?

The product is send using postbox-format packaging.

How long will shipping take?

If you place your order weekdays before 15.00, you will receive your product within two working days. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be sent on Monday.

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