Morning ritual of: Mardien Radewalt-co-founder Skin for Skin

very month we take a look at the morning ritual of a true Skin for Skin lover. Today Mardien Radewalt, co-founder of Skin for Skin, talks about her (sometimes quite busy) morning ritual. Do you want to know what my morning ritual usually looks like? Then read on.

My (far too) busy morning ritual
While greasing the sandwiches for the kids, I see on the clock that they will be in ten minutes – oops! – have to get out of here already. Mission impossible, like every morning. Internally grumbling to myself due to bad time management I scramble the winter coats and backpacks together. I call the children to come downstairs to eat and drink. I quickly brush my teeth and the children can go to school. While I smile and wave them off, my thoughts are already spinning over the rest of the day.Mardien Skin for Skin

I sometimes read in magazines that it would save so much time to get your clothes ready for the next morning. Still, I don’t think that lifehack is entirely up to me. Where should I go, what should I do there and what is the weather forecast? These things I always have in mind when choosing a comfy outfit or a va-va-voom outfit… You understand that because of my lack of planning and time management, I give in to the comfy look almost every day…

Breakfast struggles
That time I spend in front of the mirror, among other things, is often at the expense of my breakfast. “According to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), about four percent of women only have breakfast once a week or not at all. Looks like I’m really not the only one with these struggles in the morning. I do a quick wash, clean up a bit and hop to work. Yeah, forget about breakfast again! Luckily I always throw a piece of fruit in my bag, to get something healthy inside.

Still, I take a break for myself when I get up. I think it’s very important to keep taking good care of myself, despite the hustle and bustle of today. That’s why I take Skin for Skin with a glass of water immediately after getting up and start my beauty ritual. I cleanse and nourish my skin from the outside and make sure I keep my collagen life on the same level from the inside. In this way, my skin remains hydrated both inside and out. Just a few minutes of work, but it makes me feel fresh and cared for all day long…

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Morning ritual of: Mardien Radewalt-co-founder Skin for Skin