the perfect treat: not one but two sheet masks! Can your skin use some extra love? Multitasking it is! One mask gives you extreme hydration and the other one offers a lifting effect. Both masks are designed to  fit perfectly to the skin, so the serum can penetrate the skin.
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  • The secret ingredient: Skin for Skin fish collagen
  • Perfect fit
  • free of harmful ingredients, PH neutral
  • Eco friendly: 100% recyclable
  • Soothing, lifting and hydrating effects.
  • With valuable extracts.


to use

Step 1: cleanse your face and pat the skin dry. The mask with the serum must be applied to dry skin.


Step 2: Remove the mask of the packaging. The smooth, white side should be applied to the skin. When the mask is aligned to your face correctly, remove the gauze.


Step 3:  Make sure the mask is perfectly aligned to your skin for optimal performance. Allow the mask to work in for 15-20 minutes, then remove the mask. Rub the remaining serum into the skin and do not wash your face afterwards. Your skin is now ready for your daily skin-care routine. We keep you glowing!




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