How often should I use a sheetmask per week?

We advise to at least use a sheetmasker once a week to improve the condition of the skin. This way, the skin will receive a major hydration boost. The remaining serum of the masks can be used during the week underneath the moisturizer to empower the boost even more. The question of how often you should apply a mask, depends on the reason why you want to use a mask. There are multiple reasons such as: calming the skin after a treatment, hydrating the skin, reducing impurities, extra nourishment of the skin, maintaining its condition etc.

Regardless of the skin type it’s helpful to apply a mask weekly to a cleansed skin. However, if you want to see real improvement of the masks, apart of a good skin condition, we advise to apply a mask 2 or 3 times a week OR use the remaining serum of the mask.

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How often should I use a sheetmask per week?

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