Is a mask important in a skincare routine?

The sheetmasks are definitely an important step for a skincare routine. We can describe a mask as a facial treatment at home. A way to give your skin a boost now and then. A sheetmasker is drenched with active nutrients for your skin. The “sheet” makes sure the serum has the chance to penetrate deep into the skin and get to work inside your skin. Our sheetmasks are hydrating, purifying, calming, nourishing and nurturing. Most importantly they give a beautiful glow!

Our masks have a nice extra: de masks contain a lot of extra serum, which can be stored in a serum bottle. This serumbottle can be added to your order. In this way, the serum of the mask will last you for as long as over a week when you use it daily before your moisturizer. When you buy a sheetmask, you have a mask and serum in one!

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Is a mask important in a skincare routine?

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