What can you do about static hair?

Want to reduce and prevent static hair? We have listed some tips for you:

  • Dry hair becomes more susceptible to static. A nourishing conditioner brings moisture into your hair. This makes your hair not only super soft, but also less static. A hair mask is not a luxury when you suffer from static and dry hair.
  • Hairspray works wonders. Spray a little hairspray on your brush or comb before you start brushing your hair.
  • By paying love and attention to your hair and scalp, you will soon find that static hair will become much less common. If you want to avoid static, choose natural products that are mild and do not irritate the scalp.
  • For extra care of the scalp and hair, we recommend taking the Skin for Skin hair supplement and using massage brushes. This way, you take care of the hair and scalp from the inside in a natural way. With the hair brush, you soothe the scalp from the outside!

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What can you do about static hair?

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