What does collagen do for the skin?

In our skin, collagen is produced and collagen fibres are found. Collagen in the skin provides firmness, elasticity, structure and hydration. Unfortunately, the natural production of collagen gradually decreases with age. After the age of 25, our bodies produce less and less collagen, which triggers the natural ageing process.

You can actually compare it to a bridge. If you have a bridge with only two pillars, the bridge will start to sag at some point. This is actually what happens in the skin when it ages, the skin slackens (collapses) and the first wrinkles appear. When you place more pillars under the skin, collagen fibres, you actually bring back the balance in the skin. This way you make sure that your skin is supported in a natural way. You can do this by taking our collagen supplement daily. In this way you provide your body with essential building blocks, so that new collagen can be produced.

Wondering what else collagen does for the skin? Then read this article!

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What does collagen do for the skin?

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