What is the best haircare?

There are many tips & tricks to take good care of your hair. For the best hair care the following things are important:

Don’t wash your hair too much and use a good shampoo and conditioner. Shiny, long hair is what you get when your scalp is healthy. If you wash your hair too much, you strip your scalp of its natural oils: not good! Does your hair get too oily between washes? Use a dry shampoo. To give your hair an extra boost, you can also use a weekly hair mask.

Hydration and a healthy diet contribute to maintaining healthy and long hair. In addition, supplementation helps to supplement the nutrients that are difficult to get enough of from your diet every day, such as collagen, biotin, selenium, silicon and zinc. A hair supplement can nourish the hair from the inside out and support hair growth.

Use brushes that are gentle on your locks, such as the Skin for Skin massage brush. This way you won’t damage the scalp, which can happen with fingers or hard brushes. Besides, the head massage stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp which ensures a better supply of nutrients to the hair!

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What is the best haircare?

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