What is the difference between the two sheet masks?

Get me glowing sheetmask

The “Get me glowing” sheetmasks gives the skin a big hydration boost and leaves a nice glow behind. The mask is purifying and lightly exfoliating, which makes it a very good fit for acne prone skin. The mask helps to restore skin damage and has anti inflammatory properties. The masks calms the skin and reduced the pigmentation spots in the skin.

Lift me up sheetmask

The “Lift me up” sheetmask has lifting properties. The mask firms the contours of the face and improves the blood circulation. The ceramides in the mask replenish the natural fats of the skin, which causes dry skin to feel hydrated and flexible again. It supports the renewal process of the skin cells, refreshens and calms the skin. Moreover, the mask offers a hydration boost and leaves a beautiful glow behind!

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What is the difference between the two sheet masks?

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