Which vitamins play a role in hair loss?

A vitamin deficiency can be the cause of hair loss. These vitamins play a role in hair loss:

  • Vitamin C: vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen, which is important for a good condition of the blood vessels, the normal functioning of blood vessels, the maintenance of a strong vessel wall and supple veins. Since the blood vessels and veins around the hair follicle feed the hair, vitamin C with collagen is a good basis for beautiful hair. 
  • Biotin: Biotin keeps the hair strong and contributes to normal hair growth. In addition, biotin is good for the shine of the hair. 
  • Selenium: Selenium is important for the condition of hair, normal hair growth and the maintenance of shiny hair. Selenium also keeps the hair strong. 
  • Zinc: zinc is also important for normal hair growth, the condition of the hair, strong hair and the shine of the hair. 
  • Copper: Copper contributes to normal pigmentation (colour) of the hair.

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Which vitamins play a role in hair loss?

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